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Postsecondary Transformation
Institutional Policy

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Institutional policies are the formal, documented rules that govern the options afforded students, the standards to which they are held, and the actions required of them. Institutional policy controls the day-to-day actions of the institution's professionals and inevitably impacts all students' experiences and outcomes. We help institutions craft student-ready policy.

Great policy starts with a commitment to equitable outcomes.

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Our Commitment to Equity Actions

We believe our postsecondary system must equitably support institutions as they evolve to ensure the success of diverse students with complex lives.

  • We center learnings from data disaggregated by race, gender, age, and socioeconomic status, including intersections of those identities

  • We design intentional methods for diverse students to share their experiences and embed key learnings in our recommendations

  • We craft customized institutional assets that prioritize the achievement of equitable student outcomes

  • We engage in networks that prioritize support for low-resourced institutions and those enrolling a large percentage of students of color

  • We develop innovative approaches to technical assistance that address inequities in access and quality, expand the number of institutions engaged in transformation, and achieve greater impact for students historically marginalized.

Our Menu of Services | Institutional Policy

Policy and Process Review

This service is best deployed as a foundational element to equitable policy capacity. When completed, institutions will have a deep understanding of the policies that are barriers to student success with thorough recommendations for policy reform. Offerings include Baseline Support or Full Diagnostic Review.


Custom Policy Development

SRS crafts custom policy language based on thorough consultation with institutional leaders, students and stakeholders. Intended for institutions that have already identified the policies or processes they intend to create or amend, or those who have completed the Policy and Process Review.

Cultivation of Support

SRS works with institutional leaders to co-create a stakeholder engagement plan, including the mapping of perspectives, identification of internal and external champions, and facilitation of conversations. Intended for institutions that have already amended/created new policy, or that have completed the first two service options and need additional assistance.

Institutional Policy Workshops

For institutions that wish to create a sustainable policy environment, SRS will facilitate a workshop that builds core competencies around effective use of policy for institutional teams. Service recommended for a cohort of institutions.

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