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Josclynn Brandon Joins the SRS Team

Student-Ready Strategies (SRS) today announced the appointment of Josclynn N. Brandon to serve as SRS’s first Director of Equity Projects, a position intentionally designed to advance the equity-centered mission of the organization. Josclynn brings a wealth of higher education experience, including extensive work directly supporting diverse students as they navigate the policies and processes of higher education institutions. As a media professional and in her roles in the postsecondary space, Josclynn has demonstrated a commitment and passion for telling the stories of people from marginalized communities and using those stories to drive broader change.

“We are so excited to add Josclynn to the SRS team. She has an unwavering commitment to educational equity and social justice that has clearly guided her previous efforts working with institutional leaders, faculty, and students to address disparities in higher education outcomes,” said Sarah Ancel, SRS’s Founder and CEO.

As Josclynn joins SRS, she is weeks away from earning her doctorate degree in education from Indiana University, where she concurrently serves as a Research Project Associate at the Center for Postsecondary Research. In this role, she contributed to the management of three different nationally administered surveys. Further, in her time at IU, Josclynn was an associate instructor for the History of Black Women in Higher Education course. Josclynn previously served as the Coordinator for Leadership, Volunteerism and Diversity at Western Kentucky University, where she advised several student organizations, planned service-learning experiences, and implemented leadership development programs. She also was an instructor for the University Experience course at WKU. She has additional experience in career services and residence life.

“I’m excited to join the SRS team, and aid in making higher education a more student-ready place. I’ve dedicated the earlier years of my career to co-authoring the stories of student success. I know the work SRS has done and will continue to do creates space for me to continue to elevate their voices,” said Josclynn.

Josclynn’s experience prior to higher education includes serving as an Associate Content Producer for a news station, where she focused her efforts on telling the stories of marginalized and overlooked communities in the Chicago metro.

In addition to her current academic work, Josclynn has earned a master’s degree in Journalism from DePaul University and a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast News from Western Kentucky University.

Josclynn’s appointment is effective April 4.

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