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Building an Adult Learner-Ready Institution

The demographics of students who are enrolling in higher education institutions are forever evolving. For some institutions, the fastest growing population is adult learners - students who we often define as having complex lives and competing obligations, not necessarily based on their age. While these students are not monolithic, they do face significant barriers to college success, including financial limitations, childcare needs, and scheduling conflicts.

I recently sat down with Dr. Michael D. Anthony, president of Prairie State College in Chicago Heights, Illinois, to discuss how - in partnership with New America and Student-Ready Strategies - he and his team are taking bold steps to better serve adult learners, ensuring that PSC is a place where students “start near and go far.”

Now just one year in his role, Dr. Anthony has already proven himself as a leader dedicated to institutional transformation to better serve all of the institution’s students, with a focus on adult learners. Check out our conversation below.

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