We envision a world in which colleges and universities believe every student can succeed and purposely evolve to ensure

they do. 

Higher education leaders have moved beyond asking if students are college-ready. Now, their focus has shifted to making their colleges student-ready. We help them get there.​

What does it mean to be student-ready?

A Student-Ready postsecondary institution prioritizes student outcomes above all else and works relentlessly to ensure that all students graduate and go on to the fulfilling lives and careers that are the promise of postsecondary education.


A student-ready postsecondary institution believes it has an obligation to provide the right structures and supports to help every student succeed.


It sets highly visible goals rooted in equitable student success, mobilizes the entire institution to work toward these goals, and dedicates the resources and capacity to

achieve them.


It examines its structures and supports from a diverse student perspective, then transforms to ensure an experience that leads to graduation and a fulfilling career.


It continuously monitors its effectiveness and commits to continued transformation to serve an ever-changing student population.

Above all, being student-ready is not an initiative.

It’s a mindset.