Student graduation as a result of college success strategies


We provide highly customized, hands-on technical assistance and capacity support to institutions committed to student-ready transformation.

Discovery and Prioritization

We conduct an intentional process to ensure institutions understand the structures, policies, and processes that are leading to inequitable results for Black, Latinx, Indigenous, poverty-affected, and older students. Based on this institutional context, we recommend the most important student-ready transformations and help institutions solidify their priorities.

Capacity Support

Institutions are already stretched thin, and often struggle to find internal capacity to enact structural change. When institutions know what they need to do but need help to do it, we work side-by-side with faculty, staff, and administrators, taking project management and concrete tasks off their shoulders and helping them move their priorities forward.

Student-Ready Workshops

We conduct a workshop series that provides learning, tools, and networking around a comprehensive student-ready framework, delivered to individual institutions or cohorts. Participants build professional capacity and leave with customized student-ready priorities, action plans, and a blueprint for sustainability and continuous improvement.

Keynotes and Panels 

The Student-Ready Strategies team provides keynote addresses and coordinates and participates in panel discussions with an emphasis on topics such as:

  • The need for student-ready institutions

  • A systems approach to leadership

  • Developmental education and placement reform

  • Returning adult student success