Student graduation as a result of college success strategies

Our mission is to partner, plan, and problem-solve with colleges and universities as they evolve to ensure the success of diverse students with complex lives. 
Institution by institution, toward a student-ready world. 

Decision Support

Organizational impact begins with intentional planning. It requires knowing where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. Student-Ready Strategies helps organizations pinpoint goals and priorities and determine how to measure success. We work with partners to create custom roadmaps that give organizations direction and drive, ranging from high-level strategic plans that provide a blueprint for long-term success to tactical business plans that outline a core value proposition and key internal capacities. We also help design plans to support specific aspects of strategic or business plans or to implement a strategy, ensuring a focus on students and sustainability. 


To your organization, student-ready decision support could look like:

  • An organizational strategic plan

  • High-level goals and priorities

  • Values statements and related norms

  • An action-oriented business plan 

Policy and Process Review

Policies and processes can advance a commitment to student success, but more often, quietly undermine it. Through customized, thorough reviews, Student-Ready Strategies takes a deep dive into organizational systems from a diverse student perspective, identifying ways to reduce or eliminate structural barriers. We conduct staff and stakeholder interviews, gather student stories, map processes, and examine standard forms and communication, with a laser focus on equity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Policy and process reviews can be holistic, or they can be targeted to a set of priorities or a specific area of the institution, such as enrollment, financial aid, academic affairs, or student services.


To your organization, a student-ready policy and process review could look like:

  • Visual maps of curricular pathways and other processes 

  • Recommended policy and process revisions

  • Suggested communications revisions and consolidation

  • List of identified barriers to equitable student success 

Student-ready transformation isn’t always linear. It’s a path to discovery and a commitment to change that often brings forth new, unexpected challenges, but ultimately leads to life-changing outcomes for students. Student-Ready Strategies is with you every step of the way through this journey - as a thought partner, an expert advisor, and a capacity builder.


Action Support

The transition from planning to execution requires focus and capacity. We integrate with organizational staff to help them execute their action plans. Our extensive postsecondary expertise and robust management and facilitation skills help our partners accelerate progress toward student-ready goals. We provide customizable supports, spanning policy, communications, advocacy, stakeholder engagement, and leadership coaching.


To your organization, student-ready action support could look like:

  • Communications plans and materials 

  • Capacity-building and technical assistance workshops

  • Policy language or revisions

  • Ongoing, on-demand coaching and advice

Keynotes and Panels 

The Student-Ready Strategies team provides keynote addresses and coordinates and participates in panel discussions with an emphasis on topics such as:

  • The need for student-ready institutions

  • A systems approach to leadership

  • Developmental education and placement reform

  • Returning adult student success

  • Guided pathways