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Student-Ready Strategies is growing its team! Interested in working with us to create a more student-ready world? Click on open positions listed below to find out more about job responsibilities and experience requirements. 

Currently, there are no open positions. Please check back for updated information. 

At SRS, we are committed to a culture that recognizes the individual contributions of team members and prioritizes work-life balance. Learn more about our internal values. 

We value our team members as individuals.

We value our team members as individuals, so we:​

  • Encourage open dialogue and invest in the professional development of our team to help them reach their long-term goals

  • Provide flexibility and other supports to ensure self-care and work-life balance

We value equity and diversity.

We value equity and diversity, so we:​

  • Recruit and hire with an intentional focus on building a diverse team

  • Actively participate in professional networks that reflect a commitment to equity and diversity in higher education

We value honesty and transparency.

We value honesty and transparency, so we:​

  • Not only accept, but expect and embrace divergent opinions

  • Empower each team member with clear expectations and authority to act

We value a collaborative culture.

We value a collaborative culture, so we:​

  • Equitably value all contributions in service of the mission of SRS, regardless of role or function

  • Solicit and consider advice from all team members when making major organizational decisions

We value accountability.

We value accountability, so we:​

  • Employ a consistent system of performance review with documented opportunities, plans, and timelines for improvement, if needed

  • Ensure an organizational hierarchy in which responsibility and accountability flow up, not down