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A different kind of
postsecondary support


In a Meeting
In a Meeting

Change the way your institution changes.

Your institution has committed to making a systemic change - and you've been tapped to lead. The path in front of you may seem like a steep mountain to climb. 


What if you found a path forward that allowed you to take one step at a time? To work asynchronously with your team? To have someone else do the research, establish the process, and create drafts of all the documents you need to create a new reality for your students?


Welcome to ConstellationEd - a virtual change management platform that turns big ideas into bold action.

ConstellationEd Features

Virtual Meeting

Work and chat asynchronously with your institutional team. 

Accessible Home Office

Set goals and track metrics

Conference Call with Sign Language

Receive focused,
strategic advice along a phased workflow

Business Discussion

Design your institution's unique approach to a selected
student success strategy


Download custom-built assets, like policies, process documents, handouts, and press releases


Consult with SRS's expert team

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I want to learn more.

What strategy are you interested in?
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